MKCSW- Final event: 28/05/2016


The MK Creative Skills Workshop started well and ended with a bang!




IMG_4619We had the opportunity to showcase what we have done over the weeks:

  •   A short film
  • A  video clip of all the workshop
  • An inspiring performance of a song written by our one and only Lawrence Okonronkwo.
  • Our Music Guru, Mr Yaw HMensa, entertained us with a lovely song written by him and a song written and composed by all the participants at the workshop, with Mr Yaw’s assistance.
  • Susan Popoola made a speech that made us all feel on top of the world!
  • Fatma and Farai were busy filming and taking awesome programs
  • Craig hosted the event for the first time ever!  He was brave, and touched the audience as he carried out this task with integrity.
  • We had Riffat and Charlotte Layton from the MK Community Foundation grace the occasion.
  • We had refreshment, refreshment and refreshments.
  • To crown it all, we had the Mayor and Mayoress of Milton Keynes, attend as well!

It was an entertaining, fantastic and enlightening day and we thank all our sponsors:

MK Community Foundation,

Community Action MK,

Aldi, The Coop, Tesco, BENTV, Bail Engineering for their support, and all our well wishers.



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